The products provided by SYNTHOPOL CHEMIE include not only the tried-and-tested standard products but also a whole range of innovative products. Here we present our comprehensive range of high-quality synthetic resins, intended for a huge variety of applications.

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Resins for coatings

Acrylic resins

In the area of acrylic resins, research at SYNTHOPOL CHEMIE concentrates on developing products in the polyisocyanate-curing, thermoplastic and heat-reactive ranges. Alongside conventional systems, developments in high-solids and water-based emulsions are gaining in importance. Our acrylic resins are used in the areas of industrial paints, automotive productions-line and refinish paints, coatings for plastics, furniture, commercial vehicles and machinery, right through to aerosols, road marking, the construction industry and electrodeposition coatings.

Alkyd resins

In this area, research at SYNTHOPOL CHEMIE concentrates on developing short-oil, medium-oil and long-oil alkyd resins, modified alkyd resins such as acrylic or urethane products, right through to water-thinnable alkyd resins and high-solids products. Our alkyd resins are used, among other things, as decorative and architectural paints, wood varnishes, air-drying and force-drying industrial paints and rust protection primers. Our state-of-the-art alkyd resins systems are also available in low-aromatic and aromatic-free versions.


In this area, research at SYNTHOPOL CHEMIE concentrates on developing styrene/acrylic and pure acrylic dispersions, PU dispersions and combined acrylic/PU products. These dispersions may be used for wood/parquet floor varnishes (both one-pack and two-pack systems), metal and plastics coatings and wall paints for interior and exterior applications. They may also be used with flexible substrates such as textiles and leather.

Polyester resins, saturated

In the area of saturated polyester resins, research at SYNTHOPOL CHEMIE concentrates on developing polyester resins containing hydroxyl groups, with the range including not only conventional systems but also to an increasing extent newly developed high-solids and water-based emulsions. Our polyester resins are used as air-drying and oven-drying industrial, plastics, furniture and parquet floor coatings, and also as stoving paints or in special applications for giving elasticity and with soft-feel coatings.

Radiation-curing resins

In this area, research at SYNTHOPOL CHEMIE concentrates on developing conventional and water-based radiation-curing polyester, polyether, epoxy and urethane acrylate resins. Our radiation-curing resins are used for industrial wood and furniture applications, for metal coatings and also in the printing ink industry, to coat plastic films and paper.

Can and coil coating resins

In this area, research at SYNTHOPOL CHEMIE concentrates on developing systems based on alkyd, acrylic and polyester resins. Uses for our can and coil coating resins include highly elastic coatings for tubes and aerosol cans, drink cans, panels and coil coatings for the packaging industry. They are distinguished by high levels of elasticity and sterilisability.

Resins for the construction industry

In this area, research at Synthopol Chemie concentrates on developing innovative solutions based on different resins with customised properties. Application techniques for our UP resins extend from hand lay-up or spray moulding, hot and cold pressing using pultrusion, and winding methods, right through to modern injection processes (RTM). The main areas of use here are chemical plant manufacture, shipbuilding, roof coverings, polymer concrete applications in the technical and sanitation sectors and components for wind farms.

Resins for adhesives
In the area of dispersion for adhesives, research at SYNTHOPOL CHEMIE concentrates on water-based polyurethane, pure acrylic dispersions and conventional solvent based systems. These are used as binders in one- and two-pack formulations in the automotive sector and in industry in general.

Resins for other applications
The development team at Synthopol Chemie is also working on developing binders for use in the areas of printing inks and the construction chemicals industry (sealant resins). For more information about this, please contact our development team.