SYNTHOPOL worldwide

From Hamburg to the whole world. Just in time delivery and high logistical performance - that's what we care for.

Innovation - made in Germany

Our commitment to research and development for a continuous improvement of quality - also in terms of the environment.

Expertise with personality

High quality and sustainability are two maxims we live by - with regard to our products as well as to our employees.

Why should I consider Synthopol?

  • Synthopol is the specialist for synthetic resins.
  • Globally networked family business with strong regional roots.
  • We deliver at short notice and plan for the long term.
  • We create substantial connections.
  • National and international customers.

Certainties for our customers

In over 55 years, SYNTHOPOL has built up comprehensive expertise and a huge depth of experience thanks to employees who are happy to stay with us for years. Your contacts will still be here for you tomorrow.

This competence, combined with the credibility, honesty and personal advice you can expect from a family business, makes SYNTHOPOL a valuable advisor and partner.

SYNTHOPOL listens, understands what I want and works with me to develop tailor-made solutions for market-compliant and successful products.

SYNTHOPOL relieves pressures on my product development department. The quality and timeliness of SYNTHOPOL deliveries is at least as reliable as if they came from within my own company.

SYNTHOPOL guarantees the basis of my products. SYNTHOPOL thinks and acts in a forward-looking manner, making my work easier.