Emulsion SYNTHALAT QWK 5915

Synthalat QWK 5915 is an emulsion of a short oil alkyd for water-based coatings.

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Acrylic dispersion LIOCRYL XAM 8851

Liocryl XAM 8851 is an acrylic dispersion based on renewable raw materials. Fields of application: High quality wooden furniture and parquet flooring.

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Short oil alkyd emulsion SYNTHALAT PWK 1646

SYNTHALAT PWK 1646 is a solvent- and surfactant free urethane alkyd emulsion based on short oil resin.

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Functional resin SYNTHALAT A-TH 3955

SYNTHALAT A-TH 3955 is a polyisocyanate crosslinkable acrylic resin for easy to matt coatings ............

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