Synthoester TH 2532

is a hydroxyl-group-containing polyester resin for scratch resistant and self-healing 1 pack and 2 pack top and one-layer coatings. It stands out with very good adhesion to metal, wood, glass and plastics as well as high chemical and weather resistance.

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Please, see our new advertisement in the ECJ 10/2016 China with regard to the China Coat 2016 in Guangzhou (on page 11) in cooperation with our Sales-Representativ for CHINA, MELCHERS (H.K.) Ltd. and read the statement of our Head of R&D, Dr. J. Benecke, in the interesting survey on page 19.

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Versatile, water-thinnable, hydroxyl-group containing acrylic resin - can be used as a primer or top-coat on nearly every substrate; it stands out due to remarkable mechanical and superb processing characteristics

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