Since 2016, SYNTHOPOL has been operating a state-of-the-art boiler house to generate steam and heat thermal oil.

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Synthoester TH 2844 - Hydroxyfunctional, polyester resin for self-healing coatings

In combination with melamine resins or blocked polyisocyanates for baking enamels with following properties...

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Liopur PFL 3046 - for use in low solvent wood and plastic coatings

Aqueous aliphatic, anionic stabilized polyurethane dispersion for use in low solvent wood and plastic coatings with transparent, non-tacky, flexible and elastic films - good chemical and scratch resistance as well as excellent abrasion resistance distinguish the coatings

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High quality wood coating --> Liocryl XAM 7252

Aqueous self-crosslinking pure acrylic dispersion for high-quality industrial furniture coatings with excellent blocking resistance and grain enhancement as well as transparency

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