Liocryl XAS 7759 - Aqueous, self-crosslinking styrene acrylic emulsion for pigmented and non-pigmented coatings

LIOCRYL XAS 7759 is a medium-hard, fast-drying emulsion ............

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We proudly present our new company film



Synthalat TH 4450 - Polyisocyanate-curing acrylic resin for easy-to-clean and anti-ice coatings

SYNTHALAT TH 4450 is, in combination with (cyclo-) aliphatic polyisocyanates, excellent for 2 pack air- and oven drying top coats for industrial and vehicle coatings.

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Liopur PFL 3942 - Aqueous aliphatic polyurethane dispersion

LIOPUR PFL 3942 was originally developed  for furniture and floor coatings. A coating made from LIOPUR PFL 3942 shows excellent adhesion to different substrates

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