Delivery instructions for forwarding agents and other suppliers

1. Site and traffic rules

1.1 General rules

  • The products have to be free from adhesive-repelling substances
  • Driver should park his truck on the Alter Postweg 35 along the Synthopol Chemie (SCB) site
  • In case of overnight-stays driver is expected to use the parking lots in the „Felix-Wankel-Straße“ nearby SCB premises
  • Driver shall have sufficient knowledge German or English
  • SCB expects driver to have the required personal protective equipment (see #3 down below) as described in the SCB-safety rules
  • Please take notice that there is NO loading-ramp on our premises!!
  • Any delivery will be recorded in our supplier evaluation system. Assessment will be done on criteria identification, delivery documents, certificate of weight, certificate of analysis, packaging, quality (material), delivery date
  • Any costs resulting from delivery not meeting contents of these instructions may be brought to accoung at suppliers expense.

1.2 Check-in

Before entering the driver shall:

  • put on safety shoes and longlegged trousers
  • check-in at the reception
  • read the site safety rules and sign-off for adherence
  • show any relevant documents including passport and follow further instructions of the reception

2. Requirements for unloading

SCB may call on drivers to assist in the unloading activities as the SCB-staff is not allowed to enter foreign vehicles.

2.1 Delivery times

  • delivery can be done only on the day specified on the order. Any deviation has to be communication in advance and must be agreed upon beforehand
  • delivery hours at SCB site are
    Monday to Thursday: 07:00 – 14:00 hrs
    Friday and Sathurday: 07:00 – 12:00 hrs

2.2 Before unloading

  • after entering SCB site the driver shall park his vehicle at the allocated spot and prepare the intended space for unloading.
  • in case of „curtain siders“ driver shall open the curtain of goods intended for unloading on driver`s side (left hand!)
  • in case of delivery of piece goods we expect adequate and sufficient securing according to legal regulations. Goods shall be unloaded without manipulating goods loaded for other destinations

3. Requirements for personal protective equipment

  • driver is expected to present with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • SCB will refuse acception of delivery in case of missing PPE; missing PPE can be obtained in a warehouse nearby
  • SCB won´t except any claim on demurrage resulting from missing PPE
  • Tankers/ tank containers are permitted only with folding handrail for loading and unloading.


General cargo
  • safety shoes
  • working gloves
  • longlegged trousers
  • safety shoes
  • working gloves (chemical resistant)
  • overall (non-flammable)
  • safety goggles

4. Further requirements

4.1 Vehicle

  • vehicle shall meet the requirements according to legal regulations
  • dependent on delivered product it has to be ensured in advance that vehicle carries proper equipment for unloading, e.g. pump, hoses, hose fittings etc

4.2 Documentation

  • all transports base upon the suppliers delivery note. Other documents like forwarders own bill of lading are not acceptable and are followed by a negative supplier evaluation.

4.3 Examples for securing for transportation

loading space sufficient, load secured adequate,  vehicle in good shape

-> loading allowed

preloaded material not secured in an acceptable way

--> loading rejected