As a business, we are an active part of society. We therefore believe we also have a responsibility to that society. A responsibility that we aim to take particularly in ecological and social respects, i.e. for the environment and for the people who make us so successful: our customers, our staff, our suppliers and everyone we work with in the public realm.

To us, chemistry and the environment are one; that’s why it’s especially important to us to sustainably protect the environment. To help us do that, we have drawn up environmental guidelines as part of our environmental management system that represent our environment-related goals and principles, including our commitment to adhering to all relevant environmental regulations.

We see our environmental management system as a system for defining environmental guidelines and goals and for achieving those environmental goals, i.e. for guiding and governing our company in terms of the environmental safety of our products and processes.

Our continuous improvement process (CIP) enables all our employees to participate actively in reducing our environmental impact. It is applied throughout our value creation process, for example in the form of environmentally friendly and sustainable product development, e.g. by recycling materials in our production processes, by improving our environmental performance in terms of efficient energy use or by operating powerful waste air purification systems to reduce emissions.

Of course we also have a responsibility towards our staff and their families. Humanity, respect and trust are major values for our company. One of our main corporate goals is therefore to ensure the satisfaction of our employees, for whose safety and security we consider ourselves responsible. The way our dedicated, highly experienced employees cooperate and contribute their extraordinary expertise makes our company unique, and provides the basis for customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

Social responsibility for us means being able to offer our employees good, secure jobs. This includes training and supporting young workers ourselves. We continuously and successfully invest in education and further training for all our staff, but in view of demographic change our main focus is on fostering the talents of young people.

We maintain intensive contacts to universities and research institutions across Germany, and to interested pupils at schools in our area. Locally, we have been sponsoring interesting amateur sports projects, youth sports and other non-profit organisations for many years.

Finally, we believe that long-term, trust-based relationships with our suppliers are also a part of our social responsibility, as is pragmatic and regular communication with local and public authorities in our neighbourhood, with municipal and regional administrations, with the press, but also with the business inspectorate or the fire services.