Save natural resources and improve environmental balance

As a chemical manufacturer, protecting the environment and fighting climate change is a natural yet key concern for SYNTHOPOL. To do so, however, energy and resources must be used efficiently. We work continuously on saving natural resources or, where this is not possible, using them more efficiently.

As a chemical company, we rely on selecting the right resources to be able to develop and produce the best products for our customers. Thinking and acting sustainably is thus very important when using these resources.

As part of our energy management system, we have identified the major issues and used these as a basis for our strategic environment and energy guidelines. These guidelines outline our environment-related principles and goals that govern how we manage SYNTHOPOL. This includes:

  • Responsible use of resources and energy
  • Continuous improvement of energy use
  • Compliance with statutory energy law provisions
  • Inclusion of suppliers in the selection of resources
  • Consideration of energy consumption and efficiency as part of the procurement process
  • Reduction of waste water, waste and emissions
  • Design and operation of systems and machines with regard for the environment and energy efficiency
  • Inclusion and raising awareness of employees
  • Compliance with all relevant provisions on environment protection

We are continuously striving towards the goal of maintaining all of our production, energy and environment systems at the latest state of the art. This allows SYNTHOPOL to guarantee a standardised production process and thus ensure the highest possible product quality and environmental sustainability.

Our energy management system has been certified in accordance with ISO 50001 since 2015. (→ Certificate → PDF)

From 01/01/2020, we will use 100% green energy for our entire plant. (→ Certificate → PDF)

Energy used by us will be sustainably generated using 100% renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydropower. This is part of our contribution to reduce our CO₂ emissions – for a clean energy supply of the future and a positive environmental balance.

Our Sustainability and Responsibility brochure --> PDF