SYNTHOPOL specialises in developing and manufacturing synthetic resins for the paint, varnish, plastics and adhesives industries. In addition to the standard binding agents, our range includes a wide variety of innovative and tailor-made products.

With a turnover of more than 130 million euros, SYNTHOPOL is one of Europe’s leading producers of synthetic resins. Our success is based on the expertise, dedication and flexibility of our approximately 190 employees, as well as our state-of-the-art technical facilities. To ensure that we remain at the forefront of our industry, SYNTHOPOL invests heavily every year in production technology, research and development, EDP and sustainable environmental protection measures.

SYNTHOPOL CHEMIE was founded in 1957 in Hamburg by Dr Peter Koch and his wife Louise Koch. The company’s rapid growth soon necessitated a move to a larger site. Neighbouring Buxtehude, in sight of the port of Hamburg and well-connected to the A1 and A7 motorways, offered the perfect location, and SYNTHOPOL has been headquartered here since 1966.

In 1984, SYNTHOPOL CHEMIE passed to the second generation of the Koch family and was managed by Dr Günter Koch until 2012; since then, Dr Henning Ziemer, Hubert Starzonek and Dr Günter Koch have formed the executive board, of which Dr Ziemer is the speaker. To this day, SYNTHOPOL is run as a family business, independently and collaboratively, allowing us to both plan for the long term and respond flexibly, act globally and remain rooted in our local region.

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